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Packing Up to Head Back to School

Whether it’s your child’s first semester away at college or their senior year, packing up the family car to bring them–and everything they’ve ever owned, it might seem–back to college is an annual pilgrimage that you need a bit of planning to pull of smoothly. Even if they’re going to school fairly close to home,

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Should You Change Your Oil Before a Road Trip?

If you routinely maintain your vehicle as you should, then the prospect of a longer-than-usual trip shouldn’t be much to worry about. However, we recognize that summer road trips might have you second guessing just how prepared your vehicle really is. Before you hit the road for that family vacation, the team at our New

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Toyota Service Specials in Morristown

If your Toyota is looking like it needs a shape-up, you might think you can hold off for a while to avoid spending the time or the money. Think again! It’s crucial that as soon as you notice any changes in your vehicle, especially after the snows of Winter depart, that you bring in your

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