Innovations from Toyota Enhance Safety for Drivers in NJ and Beyond

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If you’ve been to our showroom, then you’ve already seen firsthand the incredible safety features that are front and center on the 2015 Toyota models at our NJ dealership. Toyota’s Star Safety System stands out thanks to its unique integration of both traditional and innovative safety and security features.

The automaker’s dedication to safety, though, goes well beyond just the design of its own vehicles. In addition to crafting better models all the time, Toyota is also striving to improve conditions on the road for every driver by sharing its innovations and research with other industries.

Next-Generation Solutions Make an Impact Today

As we’ve seen at our NJ Toyota dealership, every individual drivers approaches their time on the road a bit differently. The result is that safety features today need to factor in a wide range of driving styles and scenarios.

Of course, this is a bit pronounced when you put your vehicle to the test the way that a NASCAR driver does. With that in mind, the Toyota HUman Model for Safety (THUMS) has become an integral part of analyzing the role of human reaction during collisions in racing. This research, of course, can speak volumes when it comes to helping the average motorist out on the road.

Toyota is always working to enhance vehicles with more advanced sensors for detecting and avoiding pedestrians or other vehicles. This technology isn’t just limited to Toyota’s future designs, though; instead, the automaker has shared its research with over 30 other organizations in pursuit of a safer future for everyone using the road.

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Better yet, the future is closer than you think when you choose Toyota. With features like Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and Blind Spot Monitoring already available, staying alert and aware is easier than ever.

For more information on Toyota’s ongoing efforts to enhance security behind the wheel, as well as current safety features in the 2015 lineup, be sure to contact Toyota of Morristown online or to call our team directly at (973) 540-1111 today!

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