Does the Toyota Highlander Have Remote Start?

Toyota of Morristown Explains New Toyota Highlander Remote Start 


Curious to know if the new 2023 Toyota Highlander has remote start? It definitely does. When Toyota drivers activate their Remote Connect subscription and use the Toyota app, they can unlock and lock doors, start, and locate their Highlander with a compatible smartphone or smartwatch. To allow Toyota customers to see if remote start is for them, Toyota has even made a year long trial subscription available. Read on to learn more about the Highlander’s Connected Services today!

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Toyota Highlander Connected Services 

In addition to remotely locking, unlocking, starting, and locating your Highlander with Connected Services, you can also check vehicle status and monitor family and friends who are borrowing your Toyota. Other convenience features included in the Connected Services package include:

Wi-Fi Connect

When you sign up for a 30-day or 3GB trial Wi-Fi Connect subscription, you can convert your Highlander into a Wi-Fi zone that can supply internet to up to five devices. Additionally, Toyota owners can add their subscriptions to their current phone plan depending on their service provider.

Safety Connect®

All new Highlander modes come with up to a 10-year trial of Emergency SOS Assistance and 24/7 Toyota Roadside Assistance.

Drive Connect

When you opt for a one-year Drive Connect trial subscription, you can utilize Destination Assist, which gives you access to a live agent who can talk you through the journey to your destination. 

Service Connect

At Toyota of Morristown, we love Service Connect. It provides Toyota owners with their mileage, fuel level, and service history. There’s also the option to enable maintenance alerts and send maintenance reminders to our Service Center. Best of all: every new Highlander can come with up to a 10-year Service Connect subscription.

New Toyota Highlander Inventory

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Still curious to know what else the Highlander can do when it comes to comfort and convenience? Contact us online or visit us in person at our conveniently located Toyota of Morristown dealership to gather more info and schedule your 2023 Toyota Highlander test drive today. Happy Toyota shopping!