Preparing for a Season of Fun Get-Togethers

Here at Toyota of Morristown, we love a good summertime get-together. If you’ve ever dropped by to see us during Memorial Day or Labor Day Weekend, then you already know that we take our cookouts seriously!

As such, we’ve definitely built up a list of pro-tips over the years. If you’re planning on hosting your own warm weather celebration, whether it’s for graduation, a summer holiday, or just because, then take a look at our tips to help you get ready!

Keep it Clean

No one wants to stand around eating hotdogs in knee-high grass, so take some time to organize your space beforehand. Break out the lawn mower and the weed whacker, and be sure to collect clippings prior to your cookout. The smell of fresh cut grass may be a great part of the season, but no one wants grass clippings finding their way into the food!

Cleaning a grill

While you’re straightening up, don’t forget about the grill, too. If you’ve still got gunk on the surface from last year, just drop the grate into a plastic bag with about a cup of ammonia and let the fumes take care of that built-up grime!

Keep it Cool

Burgers and dogs are best served hot like the weather, but your guests don’t want to be breaking a sweat. If your yard is lacking for shade, pop up awnings can make quick work of the problem. Don’t forget about the kids, either. If you have enough space to keep water fun away from other guests, a kiddie pool or sprinkler is always a hit!

Drinks on ice

Speaking of kiddie pools, filling one up with ice is a great way to keep side dishes cooled and accessible. Items like deviled eggs, salads, and even condiments can sit on the surface and stay chilled as the day goes on.

Once you’ve got a clean, hot grill and cool drinks and snacks, all you need is a handful of friends to start the summer off right! For more info on what we’ve learned hosting our cookouts, or to find the perfect car for all of your summer adventures, be sure to contact Toyota of Morristown online or to call our team at (973) 540-1111 today!