How to Clean a Car Battery

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Every opened up your TV remote and found nasty, chalky corroded batteries back there? The same thing can happen to all batteries eventually, including the one in your car.

To ensure a clean startup and prolonged battery life, it’s important to notice corrosion and clean your battery if needed. Here’s some tips for how to keep your Toyota’s battery running strong from the experts here at our Livingston area Toyota service department.

How to Clean a Car Battery

Make sure the engine is off and your car is in a dry place, either outside on a clear day or in a garage. Pop the hood open and prop it.

Loosen the nuts attaching the cables to the battery posts using a wrench. Start with the negative post (typically the black cable).

Inspect the battery for any buildup of grime on the top or sides, and for any corrosion on the battery posts. And if there’s corrosion on the posts, it’ll be on the clamps to, so inspect those also.

Use baking soda, water, and an old toothbrush to clean the posts. Mix a table of the baking soda into a cup of water and then scrub the posts and clamps carefully. After, use a little water to wipe away the residue.

Dry the posts and clamps completely with a paper towel or shop rag. Once they’re dry, you can also lubricate the posts a little with petroleum jelly.

Reattach the cables and you’re on your way!

Toyota Battery Service Near Livingston

When you go to clean your car battery, make sure to check out the surroundings under the hood. If you notice fraying or tearing in the cables connected to the battery, cleaning is a secondary thought: Those need to be fixed, ASAP. Schedule service with our Livingston area Toyota service center right away.

And sometimes, no amount of cleaning can save a dying battery. If you need to replace your Toyota’s battery, don’t worry: Our parts department stocks high quality parts certain to fit your vehicle.