How to Defog Your Windshield

As the weather starts to cool down, more and more drivers are finding their car windshields fogging up more frequently. Though mostly dependent on weather conditions, fogging can also occur due to the difference in temperature and moisture on the inside and outside of your car. While foggy car windows are an annoyance, they can seriously inhibit visibility and create unsafe driving conditions. Although you may have defog and defrost buttons in your new Toyota model that will help clear up your windshield, there are some optimal settings New Jersey drivers can utilize to help speed up the window defogging process.

  1. First, turn your heater to the highest setting to help heat up the air inside your car. Hot air can hold more moisture than cold air, and will effectively act as a sponge to suck up all the moisture in your cabin.
  2. Next, turn the air conditioning on. This will pull out more moisture as the air passes over the cold coils.
  3. Make sure your inside air circulation button is off. Pulling in the cold winter air then heating it up inside of your car will increase the moisture absorbency rate.
  4. Finally, roll down your windows a little bit for a few seconds. This helps you to exchange the humid air from the cabin with drier air from outside.

Once these settings are in place, all you need to do is turn on the defrosters to quickly clear your view. These steps do vary based on the type of car or SUV you drive and the outside weather conditions, but can be very effective for many vehicles. We at Toyota of Morristown recommend our New Jersey drivers experiment with their Toyota model’s settings to find a solution that will work for their specific car.

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