How to Help Your Car Conquer Winter

As we move into colder months, winter weather – like sleet and snow – can change dramatically, and being out on the road in these conditions can lead to unexpected car troubles. Our Mendham area Toyota dealer knows all too well how the unpredictable weather can impact your commute and daily life, which is why we’ve put together some tips to help you out if you get caught in a sudden burst of heavy snow or know frigid weather is on the way.

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Gain Traction with Cat Litter

Sometimes there’s so much snow or sleet on the ground that your car has trouble gaining traction; that’s where cat litter can help. Simply pour the litter around the tires that are stuck to provide the extra grip you need to get moving again. The weight alone from the bag of cat litter can also help rear-wheel vehicles gain traction on slippery roads, so it’s not a bad idea to keep a bag of litter in your car for emergencies.

Prevent Frost Buildup with Plastic Bags

Almost everyone has plastic bags from the grocery store sitting at home. If you’re out in freezing temperatures, especially if accompanied by rain or snow, put them to use by wrapping them around your vehicle’s side mirrors to keep them from icing over. This tip can help save you time and effort when it comes to defrosting or scraping them clean too.

Prevent Wipers From Freezing with Old Socks

It may seem silly but stretching a pair of old socks over your windshield wipers can help keep them free of ice and snow when you park your car overnight. You can also lift the wiper blades up and away from your windshield too when you’re away from your car as an extra precaution.

Prepare Your Toyota For Winter Weather Near Mendham

Even with all these winter weather car hacks, it’s important to ensure your vehicle is prepared before the next big freeze or storm hits. Batteries are more likely to fail in the winter leaving drivers stranded, and bald tires can prove a serious issue for motorists on icy, slick roads. If your vehicle is hard to start or your tires are showing signs of wear, then it’s time to visit our Toyota service center conveniently located near Mendham. Our team of expert service technicians will fully examine your ride and make sure you’re ready to conquer winter.

For any additional questions about how to get your car ready for winter, be sure to contact Toyota of Morristown by calling (973) 540-1111.

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