Can Your Brake Fluid Go Bad Over Time?

You don’t need to know much about cars to recognize that it must take some serious power to bring your vehicle to a safe, controlled stop. After all, a few thousand pounds of metal going 50 mph has some pretty significant inertia. We all know that brake pads are responsible for taking the brunt of slowing your car down, but what you might not realize is that that necessary pressure behind your brake pads comes from a system that’s built around high-pressure fluid.

When you visit our Morris Plains area Toyota service center, our experts always check your brake fluid. It’s easy for you to check the level at home, too; the brake fluid reservoir is typically clear or translucent, and has clear markings for where the level should be. But what about the quality of your fluid?

Many folks ask us if their brake fluid can do bad over time, and the answer is that yes, it can. Many fluids degrade over time due to heat and stress, such as your car’s oil; that’s why it’s important to change your fluids when appropriate. With brake fluid, though, the real issue is that it’s hydrophilic–that means that it naturally attracts and bonds with water.

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Water will naturally find its way into the system over time, particularly in a climate like New Jersey’s where rain, snow, and humidity are common. Once enough water enters the fluid, it can cause changes in pressure with changing temperature and can degrade the fluid’s ability to pressurize your brakes.

Changing Your Brake Fluid Near Morris Plains

The car repair experts at our Morris Plains area service center can check the quality of your brake fluid and, if it’s been compromised, safely flush the system and replace it with fresh, new brake fluid.

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Replacing brake fluid is a particularly delicate process best left to the professionals, as doing it incorrectly can lead to braking issues or even brake failure. The channels in your brake lines are scarcely wider than a hair, and it’s important to keep air from entering the system when bleeding the brakes. A small amount of air in the lines can lead to a big issue, but out expert technicians have the training and equipment to ensure that your fluid is drained and replaced properly.

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