Why Did My 12-Volt Outlet Stop Working?

If you’re like most drivers, your smartphone has become a pretty critical accessory while you’re on the go. Whether you’re using it for navigation and streaming media or just struggling to keep it charged while you tackle a busy day, being able to plug your phone in while you’re driving is a huge advantage.

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While many of the latest Toyota vehicles at our dealership serving Summit, like the 2018 Camry, offer wireless charging pads, you likely still find yourself making liberal use of your 12V outlet to keep your non-compatible smartphones and other devices charged up. So, what do you do if your 12V outlet quits on you? Our team has the answer.

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Before you check the outlet itself, we suggest you start by double checking your charger. Simply put another device in your outlet to see if it’s getting juice, or put the same charger in a different outlet to see which one is faulty. If the charger is good, it’s time to check out the outlet itself.

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Start by checking the fuse. Consult your manual to find out where the appropriate fuse is; it will be listed as power outlet, cigarette lighter, or something similar. If the fuse is broken or burned out, replace it with another of the same amperage from our Toyota parts department serving Summit. This is the most likely culprit. If the fuse is okay, though, you’ll need to do some more investigating.

If you have a circuit tester and know how to use it, this can help you to figure out where the problem is. If not, though, then it’s time to come and have one of our experts dive in and check things out!

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