Toyota Drivers near Randolph Learn to Translate What Their Car is Trying to Tell Them

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Every time you get into your vehicle, you count on your brake pads to help you come to a safe stop. Without even realizing it, you depend on your brake pads or brake shoes to give you the control you need behind the wheel.

The best choice that you can make when it comes to ensuring your car has plenty of stopping power is to stay on top of your brake pad replacement. The team at our Toyota dealership serving Randolph has compiled a list to help you take notice when it’s time for fresh pads!

Listen Up

One of the first signs you may notice that your brakes are wearing thin is a squealing sound while applying the brakes. Many pads are designed with a wear indicator, which intentionally makes this sound when the pad starts to get low. This means it’s time to swing by the shop.

If that squeal starts to become a screech or a grinding sound, then you’ve worn your pads out entirely. At this point, you risk damaging the drums or rotors and creating the need for a more costly repair if you continue driving without a brake job.

Feel Things Out

If your car begins to pull to one side while braking, then it’s time to visit out Randolph area Toyota service center. The same is true if you feel vibrations or shaking while coming to a stop.

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Take note of how the brake pedal feels, too. If it takes extreme pressure to depress the pedal, or if it feels soft, then your brake system needs to be checked.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Finally, don’t ignore the most obvious sign: your vehicle’s brake light! If the brake light in your instrument cluster comes on, our experts can help you find and fix the cause of the issue.

Of course, if you ever have trouble coming to a stop, your safest option is to pull over safely and have your vehicle towed to our shop. To avoid the need for a tow, we recommend having your brakes inspected regularly. To learn more, or to schedule a service appointment, simply contact Toyota of Morristown online or call our team at (973) 540-1111 today!

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