Toyota Sets Out to Prove Innovative Engineering Ideas are No Bullsh*t

History’s inventors all have one thing in common: their ideas have had their share of naysayers. In the end, though, history’s greatest ideas were able to live up to the hype when their watershed moment came. While plenty of people have been critical of hydrogen fuel cell technology, Toyota is firm in their response: this technology is no bullsh*t.

Go green with renewable energy

Don’t let that phrase fool you; Toyota of Morristown is still the family-friendly dealership that you’ve come to love. Since we’re also friendly toward the environment, though, we’re proud to see Toyota taking a stand to defend this innovation.

Putting Abundant Resources to Work

Hydrogen is, in no uncertain terms, the known universe’s most abundant element. It can be found in just about any organic material you can think of, from air, to water, to grass. When critics started claiming that Toyota’s new technology was “bullsh*t,” the automaker realized something: the technology could, in fact, draw hydrogen from cow manure.

Pairing with Droga5 as a creative partner, Toyota sent engineer Scott Blanchet to meet a dairy farmer named Ron. Naturally, Ron has an abundance of what many people think of as fertilizer at best or cow poop at worst.

Scott, however, wanted to put the material to a new use. He loaded up on manure, bringing it first to a digester and then to a reformer, where it was steamed into hydrogen. Together, Scott and Ron climbed into a Toyota Mirari to put this unexpected fuel source to the test.

Practical Applications for Abstract Ideas

While this demonstration was made as a statement, there’s no denying how unique Toyota’s newest technology is. The ability to turn cow manure – or just about anything else, for that matter – into a 300 mile tank capacity proves that the Mirai is more tan just a one-trick pony.

Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell technology

Better yet, the automaker isn’t just looking to add a truly green vehicle to its own lineup; the goal is help create a greener future for everyone on the road. To that end, over 5,000 of Toyota’s global fuel cell patents are available to help other companies move toward the same goal.

While the Mirai isn’t set to debut until later this summer at select California dealerships, demonstrations like this are helping drivers from coast to coast to see the untapped potential that exists in hydrogen fuel cell technology.

To learn more about going green behind the wheel, including ways that you can help to reduce your own use of fossil fuels on the road, be sure to contact Toyota of Morristown online or to call our team at (973) 540-1111 today!