Toyota Dealership serving Morris Town Helps Drivers Prep for the Unexpected

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In the summer months, unexpected adventures often become some of your favorite memories. At our Toyota dealer serving Morris Plains, many of us have loaded swimsuits and towels into our trunks just in case thinks take an unexpected turn for the shore!

What about when things take an unexpected turn for the worst, though? Being prepared for unanticipated trouble on the road can make a big difference when a problem arises. Our team highly recommends tossing an emergency kit in the back next to those trunks. Here’s our list for items you should have on hand, just in case.

Gear For a Breakdown

While the Toyota vehicles at our Morris Plains area showroom are known for dependability, it’s still a good idea to load up on the necessary equipment for an unexpected breakdown. Start with a flashlight, batteries, and reflective triangle or flags to ensure other drivers can see you clearly.

Mechanic tools

If you know your way around under the hood, a compact tool kit is a good idea. At the minimum, you should have a set of jumper cables; this can help you to lend a hand to other unprepared motorists, as well.

The Essentials

Whether you’re waiting for a tow or stuck in the snow in the winter, keeping the essentials on hand can be a lifesaver. We suggest keeping a blanket or warm clothing handy, just in case.

You should also load up on water and snacks. Just be sure to check and restock these regularly, especially if you end up breaking into your emergency stash for a regular snack!

Medical Necessities

Though we all hope to never need our first aid kit, it can prove invaluable when the need does arise. You can find a complete first aid kit with all of the essentials at just about any pharmacy or department store to ensure you’re prepared.

Travel first aid kit

If you or a family member has specific medical needs, like prescription drugs, it’s a good idea to put a day or two’s worth in your first aid kit. Just be sure to check with your doctor or pharmacist before storing medication in the hot car or for a long period of time.

It only takes a little while to pack up a solid emergency kit, and it can go a long way toward keeping you safe and comfortable when you need it. For more information on how you can prepare your car for an emergency, including regular maintenance to help avoid a breakdown, be sure to contact Toyota of Morristown online or to call our team at (973) 540-1111 today!

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