Toyota Service Center Helps Summit Area Drivers Start the Year Strong

Now that we’ve flipped over our calendars and have officially begun 2018, you’re likely not alone in taking some time to think about resolutions for the new year. While you’re making your resolutions, don’t forget about your vehicle! After all, we spend a lot of time behind the wheel, so it makes sense to have an automotive resolution or two.

Some simple ones that come to mind include resolving not to leave trash in the car, or resolving to drive through the car wash more often. While these are certainly great places to start, the team at our Toyota service center near Summit suggests adding some maintenance resolutions to your list, too!

Setting the Stage for Success

By committing to staying on top of your vehicle’s maintenance, you can roll through the year with a lower chance of unexpected repairs. Staying on top of maintenance is easy, too, thanks to our express Toyota service lane serving Summit.

Toyota oil change service near Summit

Start by resolving to stay on schedule with oil changes. This simple process protects your vehicle’s many moving parts against premature wear and helps your engine to run better longer.

Next up, stick to a schedule for checking your tires! Checking the pressure and taking a look at the tread monthly can help you to notice leaks before they become bigger problems, and can help you to get an idea of when you might be due for new tires so that you can plan ahead.

Summit area Toyota service center

Perhaps most importantly, make a resolution this year to come in for routine checkups. Our experts can help you recognize small issues before they become big problems, and we can help you stay on a schedule that will keep your car running right for many miles to come.

For more information, or to schedule a service visit with us, don’t hesitate to contact Toyota of Morristown online or to call our team directly at (973) 540-1111!

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