Packing Up to Head Back to School

Whether it’s your child’s first semester away at college or their senior year, packing up the family car to bring them–and everything they’ve ever owned, it might seem–back to college is an annual pilgrimage that you need a bit of planning to pull of smoothly. Even if they’re going to school fairly close to home, getting things down to a single trip is always ideal.

At our New Jersey Toyota dealership, we know plenty about loading up on cargo–no matter what you drive. Whether it’s your teen’s compact or the family SUV, the key to efficient moving is striking a balance of making the most of your available space without overdoing it.

Fortunately, our experts have some tips on what you should consider!

Weight Distribution

Most college dorms cover the basics when it comes to furniture, but if you’re bringing your own you should always place your heaviest items carefully. In a typical SUV or minivan cargo space, these items should be as close to centered as possible for optimum vehicle handling.

Toyota cargo space

Of course, you should also consider your vehicle’s maximum weight capacities. While you’re probably okay, you might be cutting it close if you’re pushing the limits on how much cargo you can squeeze in; double check to make sure.

Stick to Essentials

Speaking of making it all fit, bear in mind that you don’t need to pack everything and the kitchen sink. Stick to what your student will need right away, and exclude things they can purchase on or near campus. After you unload, you can swing by the grocery store and department store for essentials. This way, you don’t need to make space for that jumbo-sized package of instant noodles.

SUV cargo area

Don’t Overdo It

Even if you stay within your vehicle’s weight capacities, you can still overpack your vehicle if you’re not careful. The cargo area of your SUV might have plenty of space, but be sure to pack items so that you can still see out of the rear window. Even with a backup camera, real-world visibility is crucial.

If you stick to these basic tips, we’re confident that you can get the semester off to a strong start with all of the essentials. To learn more about packing and road trips, don’t hesitate to contact your local travel experts here at Toyota of Morristown by calling (973) 540-1111 today!

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