Toyota “Start Your Impossible” Campaign Encourages You to Reach New Heights

As Toyota shifts into a brand new role as a mobility company, this is an exciting time for the automaker. It’s also a time of firsts, including Toyota’s very first global marketing campaign.

Focusing on the strength and resilience of the human spirit, the “Start Your Impossible” ad campaign also celebrates Toyota’s eight-year partnership with the International Olympic and Paralympic Committees. The campaign urges viewers to work toward achieving their dreams and goals, no matter how far off or lofty they might seem.


Unique Ads for Diverse Goals

Toyota’s overarching goal is to help people find the freedom that comes with movement. Whether it’s the sense of possibility that comes with a road trip, a familiar feeling for Toyota owners, or an even more personal  sense of independence gained from newfound mobility or athletic improvement, Toyota’s new ads celebrate the importance of movement.

As Ed Laukes, Group Vice President, Toyota Division Marketing, Toyota Motor North America, says, “Toyota believes that ‘mobility’ goes well beyond cars and that movement is a human right. This campaign, and our worldwide partnership with The International Olympic and Paralympic Committees, are a reflection of our commitment to providing freedom of movement for all. ‘Start Your Impossible’ tells the stories of exceptional human strength and triumph.”

The goal of the campaign is to forge a stronger connection with Toyota employees, partners, and customers by inspiring them. This ties in, of course, with Toyota’s core beliefs as a company.

To learn more about the campaign, be sure to contact Toyota of Morristown by calling (973) 540-1111 today!