Toyota Unveils Plans to Debut Talking Car Technology

Pushing the envelope is what has always made Toyota a key player in the automotive engineering industry, especially when it comes to technology and safety. Here at our Madison area Toyota dealership, we’re proud to offer our shoppers vehicles that are consistently on the cutting edge of safety and driver assist technologies.

Madison area Toyota dealership

Many of the latest Toyota vehicles in our showroom serving Madison are already equipped with active safety systems that take advantage of camera and radar sensors to monitor your surroundings and help keep you alert and aware. By bringing potential obstacles to your attention, and even automatically activating features to mitigate accidents, these features work hard to help keep drivers safer on the road.

Now, Toyota has unveiled plans to debut its talking cars on roads in the United States within the next couple of years!

Getting on the Same Page in the Name of Safety

When Toyota refers to “talking cars,” it doesn’t mean cars that talk to their drivers. Instead, these are vehicles that makes use of short-range wireless technology to keep in touch with one another. Toyota hopes to have these vehicles on the road in the United States by 2021, and to roll the technology out to the rest of its lineup by the mid-2020s.

Toyota talking car technology

These talking cars, which the government is still considering mandating in the coming years, are designed to function with a universal system that will transcend automakers so that more vehicles can communicate with one another. The goal is for vehicles to communicate and be aware of one another, helping to potentially eliminate thousands of collisions each year.

Technology like this is increasingly important for modern motorists, especially as semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles become more significant. Toyota is proud to be a leader in the development of this safety-centric tech.

For more information on all of the latest safety features from Toyota, or to schedule a test drive in the latest models here at Toyota of Morristown, be sure to contact us by calling our team at (973) 540-1111 today!

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