Why is My Car Making Spooky Sounds?

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The rustle of a tree branch and the howl of the wind are two sounds that send a chill down your spine during the Autumn months. What can be even scarier are rattles and shakes from your car, which can be affected by changing weather conditions as temperatures cool. If you hear any of these spooky sounds coming from your Toyota, it is vital to have your vehicle checked out by a professional. 

  1. Grinding or clicking when you push down on your brakes can be distressing. This noise, however, may indicate that you simply need to replace your brake pads. If the noise sounds more like a screech, it is time to visit our Toyota service center near Summit and have a professional take a look at your brake system. 
  2. A flapping sound likely indicates a broken fan belt or something interfering with your fan, which is often an affordable and easy fix. If left unchecked, you could end up facing more expensive issues under your hood as more time passes. 
  3. Rattling from the back of your car may also sound ominous and can point to an issue with your exhaust system. This five-part system runs from your engine to your exhaust pipe, and if unsecured in some places, it can make a tin can-sounding noise. 
  4. Metallic clacking could be something as simple as a rogue pebble in your tire spokes, or it could indicate a more serious issue with the CV joints at the end of your axles. 
  5. Hissing is not necessarily a pleasant sound, especially if it’s coming from your engine. This can indicate a leak in your vacuum line or cooling system, which can contribute to more complicated operational issues. 
  6. Tapping or hammering noises coming from under your hood could mean several things. A softer clack might mean your lifter isn’t pumping adequately or an issue with valve clearance. A heavier thud is often related to dysfunction with your rod bearings, which can be one of the spookier — and pricier — repairs. 

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While many scary things go bump in the night, your Toyota should not be one of them! If you hear any of the noises listed above, it may be time to schedule an appointment with our service center at Toyota of Morristown. Our professionals are equipped to diagnose any issue your vehicle may be facing. We guarantee to get you back on the road, en route to hayrides and haunted houses near the Summit area, in no time!

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