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2023 toyota camry in winter

Which Toyota is Best in Snow?

In Morristown and wondering which Toyota model is best in snow? Toyota of Morristown is happy to provide its customer with a concise list of the best Toyota SUVs, cars, and trucks for the winter season below.  The Best Toyota Models in Snow For Sale at Toyota of Morristown Check out why you should purchase

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toyota highlander heated seats

Does the Toyota Highlander Have Heated Seats?

Learn About The New Toyota Highlander Heated Seats with Toyota of Morristown Wondering if the new 2023 Toyota Highlander has heated seats? The answer is that Toyota would never allow this family-oriented SUV to have anything less than heated and ventilated front seats. 100% yes to heated Highlander seats! Rest assured that wherever you go

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Does the Toyota Rav4 Have Remote Start?

Does Toyota Rav4 Have Remote Start? Ask Toyota of Morristown The new Toyota Rav4 is a spectacular, compact crossover SUV with the latest technology and connected services, including remote start via Remote Connect. Remote Connect capability* allows you to do the following: Remotely interact with your Rav4 through the Toyota app using any device that’s

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How Much Can the Toyota Tundra Tow?

Toyota Tundra Towing Capacity With Toyota of Morristown The new 2023 Toyota Tundra can tow up to 12,000 lbs. It’s a powerful model equipped with an i-FORCE MAX Twin-Turbo V6 Powertrain engine, a 10-Speed automatic transmission, an electrified motor, generator and battery, and two Tow/Haul modes.  With a truck EPA-estimated 22 combined MPG rating and

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2023 toyota highlander towing a boat

Can the Toyota Highlander Tow?

Can the Toyota Highlander Tow?  The new 2023 Toyota Highlander can certainly tow. This Toyota model comes equipped with standard Trailer-Sway Control (TSC) and, depending on the trim, anywhere from 3,500-5,000lbs of towing capacity.  With most camper vehicles weighing within that range, the Toyota Highlander is the family adventure SUV of a lifetime thanks to

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