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new toyota rav4 inventory in new jersey

Does the Toyota RAV4 Have Heated Seats?

Interested to know if the 2023 Toyota RAV4 for sale with Toyota of Morristown has heated seats? You’ll be happy to find out that the RAV4 Limited trim level comes with standard heated and ventilated front seats, while the feature is available for all XLE and XLE Premium trim levels. Read on to see what

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2023 toyota camry in winter

Which Toyota is Best in Snow?

In Morristown and wondering which Toyota model is best in snow? Toyota of Morristown is happy to provide its customer with a concise list of the best Toyota SUVs, cars, and trucks for the winter season below.  The Best Toyota Models in Snow For Sale at Toyota of Morristown Check out why you should purchase

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toyota highlander heated seats

Does the Toyota Highlander Have Heated Seats?

Learn About The New Toyota Highlander Heated Seats with Toyota of Morristown Wondering if the new 2023 Toyota Highlander has heated seats? The answer is that Toyota would never allow this family-oriented SUV to have anything less than heated and ventilated front seats. 100% yes to heated Highlander seats! Rest assured that wherever you go

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How to Help Your Car Conquer Winter

As we move into colder months, winter weather – like sleet and snow – can change dramatically, and being out on the road in these conditions can lead to unexpected car troubles. Our Mendham area Toyota dealer knows all too well how the unpredictable weather can impact your commute and daily life, which is why

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Tips for Slippery Winter Roads

Winter is here, and with the frigid temperatures comes a new host of unique driving challenges. Winter road conditions can prove treacherous, but with these tips you’ll be able to better your chances of staying safe on snowy streets. Schedule Service Plan Ahead It’s important to plan ahead before you head out into wintry conditions.

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How to Defog Your Windshield

As the weather starts to cool down, more and more drivers are finding their car windshields fogging up more frequently. Though mostly dependent on weather conditions, fogging can also occur due to the difference in temperature and moisture on the inside and outside of your car. While foggy car windows are an annoyance, they can

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Do I Need a New Car Battery?

One of the most common questions we receive at our NJ Toyota service center is how to tell when a car battery needs to be replaced. This is a great question to ask, considering your car won’t start if the battery doesn’t have a good charge. Unfortunately, it’s not a question with a straightforward answer.

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