How to Clean Road Salt off Your Car?

Whether you’re a fan of the winter season or you’re somebody who can’t stand the colder months, icy road conditions are inevitable. In order to keep the New Jersey area roads safe and prevent drivers and pedestrians from slipping and sliding, salt is applied to the asphalt and sidewalks and will reside there for months at a time. 

While this salt may be your best friend while driving in slick conditions, it’s your vehicle’s worst enemy and can prove to do serious harm to the aluminum, steel, plastic, vinyl, and rubber on your car when it begins accumulating. Luckily for you, our Toyota of Morristown dealer is here to answer two frequently asked questions: Why does road salt deteriorate my vehicle and what is the best way to remove road salt from my vehicle? 

How Does Road Salt Damage My Vehicle?

Naturally, the air we breathe in every day contains moisture and everybody knows that moisture is what causes rust, right? Well, if you didn’t, rust is formed when moisture and oxygen combine together on metal or steel and is also known as oxidation. 

So what does salt have to do with this process? Salt corrodes and accelerates the melting process, which is why it used on roads – to melt the snow or ice. Being that this road salt is an accelerant, it will not only speed up the melting process on the New Jersey area roads, it will also quicken the rusting process. 

How Do I Remove Road Salt From My Car?

Exterior Washing

  • Begin by using soap and water to thoroughly rinse your car of all road salt.
  • Be sure to focus on the most rust-prone areas such as wheel wheels and the undercarriage of your vehicle.
  • Drying all parts of your vehicle is the most crucial step because as we know, moisture creates rust. 
  • For best results, try to wash or at least rinse off your vehicle every two weeks. 

Interior Washing

While the exterior of your vehicle has been collecting road salt on each of your commutes, so do your shoes and boots. Each time you enter your vehicle in the winter months, it’s likely you’re dragging some of that salt directly into your vehicle and unfortunately for your cars, they’ll be the ones suffering. 

To remove salt from your carpets:

  • Purchase a carpet-cleaning product or mix equal parts of water and white vinegar to create a homemade cleaning solution.
  • Spray the solution on the impacted area. 
  • Scrub the area with a brush to bring the salt to the surface.
  • Press and pat-dry the area with a dry towel to absorb the salt and cleaning solution.
  • Once the winter season wraps up and all salt is cleared from the roads and sidewalks, it’s vital that you wash your carpets or this salt will eat away at them all year long. 

Learn More From Our New Jersey Area Toyota Dealer

If you believe your vehicle has been impacted by road salt and are in need of a repair of any sort, schedule a service appointment at Toyota of Morristown today! To hear more information about how road salt impacts your vehicle or how to remove it, please don’t hesitate to contact our New Jersey area dealership.