What to Do if Your Car Overheats

What to do if your car overheats
Car engines get hot: That’s part of how they work. Summer is hot too, and that’s also how that works. When summer swelter and engine combustion combine, sometimes your car can overheat–which can be scary, but you’ll get through it with these simple tips from our Mendham area Toyota service center.

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…Turn the Heat On?

Yes, turn the heat on. Surprising as it may sound, turning the heat onto the cabin can help the engine out when it overheats. By blowing that hot air into the passenger cabin, you’re getting it out of the engine cavity and helping your motor cool off. You’ll obviously want the windows to be down until you get the chance to:

Pull Over.

Don’t make it any worse by running the engine when you don’t have to. Find a place that’s safe to pull over, get off the road, and kill the engine.

Wait a Minute, or 15

While the natural reaction might be to pop the hood to check things out, air things out, or add some coolant, the best course of action is to not do that, at least right away. With scorching conditions in there, you don’t want to risk being sprayed with hot coolant or oil by poking around under the hood while it’s still roiling. Let the car sit for a bit before doing anything.

Add Coolant

You’ll want to keep coolant in your trunk throughout the summer–that’s a 50-50 mix of antifreeze and plain water. And you’ll want to use that if your engine overheats, because that’s what it’s there for: Unscrew the coolant cap carefully using a rag (another thing you should have back there in the trunk) once the car has cooled down. Then fill the tank to the fill line, close the cap, and start your car up after a minute. If it’s no longer warning you of excessive heat, proceed to the next tip.

Drive (Carefully) to a Service Center

The coolant will ideally bring your engine back to a safe temperature, but it’s not going to fix the underlying problem. Keep an eye on engine temperature and pilot your way to a service center to have your vehicle looked at. If you just so happen to be driving down Ridgedale Avenue in Morristown and you happen to run into an overheating engine, then by all means roll into our Morristown area Toyota service center, where we’re well equipped to diagnose and fix any engine issue.

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