How To Prepare Your Car For The Spring

Prepare Your Car For The Spring

Winter is nearing an end and with spring seemingly right around the corner, we can finally begin preparing to enjoy some of the warmer weather that the New Jersey area provides for us. However, you’re not the only one who needs to be prepared –– your vehicle also needs to make the transition from winter to spring. To ensure proper vehicle functionality and safety for springtime driving, allow our Toyota of Morristown dealer to share some preparation tips we’ve learned over the years. 

Tips For Preparing Your Toyota For The Spring

  • Wash The Underbody Of Your Toyota – If you take a look underneath your Toyota, you’ll probably notice that from driving around in the New Jersey area over the last several months, your vehicle has collected a sizable amount of salt, sand, and other grime. This can eventually lead to corrosion and when corrosion is present, rust begins to accumulate. For this reason, it’s important to have the undercarriage of your vehicle power washed or thoroughly sprayed down with a hose. 
  • Clean The Interior & Exterior Of Your Toyota – Give your vehicle a thorough washing inside and out. After all, you owe it to your Toyota after putting up with the winter weather. On the outside of your vehicle, be sure to use soapy water and when done cleaning, apply a coat of wax to further protect your vehicle from nature’s elements. As for the interior, you can use a steam cleaner or apply a rug-cleaning spray to remove any salt particles from your car’s carpeting. Salt can break down some fabrics and cause rips or tears when feet grind against them, so it’s vital that it’s removed as soon as possible.
  • Check Your Tire Pressures – Cold weather can cause your vehicle’s tires to be underinflated and once the weather begins warming up, it will actually reinflate or in some cases even overinflate them. To ensure the safety of you and the drivers around you, just take just a minute or two to check that your tire pressures are uniform. Our Toyota of Morristown dealer also recommends a wheel alignment and/or a tire rotation as part of your spring maintenance. 
  • Top Off Your Fluids – After cleaning your windshield time and time again with your windshield wiper fluid, it’s more-than-likely that you’re running low on fluid. This may be the case with a majority of your fluids, so be sure that they are replenished prior to the arrival of the spring season. 

Schedule Toyota Service in New Jersey 

If you have any questions regarding our springtime preparation tips or you would like to schedule a service appointment here in New Jersey so our Toyota-trained technicians can help get your vehicle ready for the spring, be sure to contact us at Toyota of Morristown today!